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Boston Celtics Discussion Topics

Best case / worst case for the Celtics next season

What could go wrong (or right)?

A CelticsBlog debate: one last ride with Al Horford or is the future now with Robert Williams?

Centers of attention.

A CelticsBlog debate: should Aaron Nesmith or Josh Richardson start?

Who ya got?

CelticsBlog roundtable: will the Celtics have a better roster next season than last season?

A flurry of trades, only a second round pick in the draft, and a pair of free agent signings has dramatically transformed Boston.

Way too early reactions to Celtics moves thus far

Al Horford, Josh Richardson, and Brad Stevens might not be ...Dunn

Topic: What is the Celtics’ biggest need heading into the offseason?

After Stevens replaced Ainge and hiring Udoka as head coach, Boston’s focus now shifts to its players.

CelticsBlog mailbag: wrong answers only

I have all the right answers but will only write the wrong ones

Super team dream: Tatum, Lillard, and Beal

Could Brad Stevens put together his own Big 3 in his first year?

Topic: give us your best Tristan Thompson trade ideas

You know you’ve hit up the trade machine a few times already.

Give me mailbag questions: I’ll give wrong answers only

Time for a new twist on an old offseason content filler

Discussion topic: Who should be back for the Celtics next year?

Who should stay in Boston and who should go?

5 burning questions for the Celtics headed to the offseason

What’s next for the Celtics?

Mailbag answers Part II: where I question the questions

Sometimes the only answer is more questions.

Mailbag answers Part I: where I question the questions

Sometimes the only answer is more questions.

Topic: what are your expectations for the Celtics in the playoffs?

How far do you expect the Celtics to go?

Topic: Who is most likely to NOT be on the team past the trade deadline

Which Celtics players are most likely to leave via trade or waiver?

Topic: how many wins will the Celtics end up with?

Remember that it is a 72-game season.

Topic: Who will the Celtics starting center by the end of the year?

Tristan Thompson, Daniel Theis, or Robert Williams III?

Topic: Rank the Celtics trade assets

Danny Ainge has more than just the TPE to use.

Topic: what do the Celtics need?

Specifically what elements are missing to make the Boston Celtics better this year?

Community Poll: Celtics Draft day options

Trade up, Trade out or ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The case for Celtics continuity

Alternate title: the grass isn’t always greener.

The NBA restart has not been a total disaster: a follow-up

Against all odds, the NBA has created a pandemic-free bubble in Disney World.

Watching bubble basketball isn’t weird...yet

Even in the unique playing conditions, watching basketball is just as enjoyable as it was before. Still, the NBA is trying to add as many bells and whistles as possible.

Community Poll: Top Dunks of the 2019-20 shortened season

We saved the best until last

Community Poll: Top Blocks of the 2019-20 shortened season

Top blocks and great swots

Community Poll: Top Steals of the 2019-20 shortened season

Which Celtic stole it best? You decide

Community Poll: Top Assists of the 2019-20 shortened season

Help us find the best assist of the season.

Is Jaylen Brown an All-Star?

Jaylen Brown has quietly become one of the best 10 players in the East for the first quarter of the season. Is he ready to make an All-Star team?

Kemba Walker and Terry Rozier face former teams

Two point guards swapped teams this summer. Now, those teams face off competitively for the first time.

Marcus Morris surprised to not hear from Celtics in free agency

Given the limited financial resources available to the Celtics this past off-season, should Morris be surprised to not have at leaset received a phone call from Danny Ainge?

Trade speculation has already begun

Two articles were released on Wednesday with scenarios that could entice Boston into trade talks.