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Boston Celtics Discussion Topics

Biggest Question Week: can Jayson Tatum join the Celtics’ Mt. Rushmore?

What will it take for Boston’s young star to stand amongst the greats?

Keeping an eye on the East

Let’s check in on our rivals after a hectic offseason for the conference.

Merch Madness: vote on your favorite Celtics jerseys

Fifty-seven regular season wins from last year produced fifty-seven different jerseys from the creative mind of designer Pete Rogers. Vote on your favorites!

Deep summer Mailbag answers - Part 2

Lots of questions about Tatum and Brown and how the Celtics can maximize them both.

Deep summer mailbag answers - Part 1

Christian Wood, Porzingis’ health, and Celtics roster depth questions

The $15 challenge: Build your dream Celtics starting five

Choose your players to make your lineup.

Building a dream team around Jayson Tatum

If you could pair the Boston Celtics star with one Hall-of-Famer, one All-Star, and two role players, who would you choose?

Which eight players would the Celtics save in a hypothetical NBA expansion draft? 

It’s the most boring part of the NBA offseason, so let’s play a quick game of "if an expansion draft was held next year, who would the Celtics protect?"

CelticsBlog roundtable: who will be the backup wing in Boston’s rotation?

Sam Hauser seems to be the likely candidate, but could rookie Jordan Walsh or recent signee Oshae Brissett step in?

Should the Boston Celtics raise Marcus Smart’s No. 36 to the rafters?

Has Smart done enough to find himself amongst the Celtic greats?

Off Topic Tuesday - what have you been up to this summer?

What have you been doing while waiting for new Celtics news?

CelticsBlog roundtable: overlooked storylines

What are some stories that aren’t being talked enough about around the Boston Celtics?

CelticsBlog roundtable: what will the Celtics identity be next year?

The Boston Celtics are going to look very different next year. So what will their new identity be?

A CelticsBlog roundtable: one more move?

Asking the staff what additional move they’d make for the Celtics this offseason.

Boston Celtics roster reset

Let’s take inventory of what we have now.

Topic Tuesday: Which team would you like to avoid in the 1st round?

The last few weeks will determine who the Celtics play in round one

Trading for Kevin Durant: a conversation

A day before the trade deadline, let’s a little talk KD.

Winning starts with who closes

The Celtics have eight players who can make an argument they should be on the floor in crunch time. Only five can be out there. Who gets the call?

CelticsBlog roundtable: What does Brad Stevens need to find in the trade and buyout market?

A wing? A big? Stand pat?

Jaylen Brown’s contract, matchups, rotations, and more (mailbag part 2)

Finishing up the mailbag answers (high scores for everyone!)

Topic Tuesday: What are your (Celtics fan-related) New Year’s resolutions?

We all could use a little development in our games

Revisiting pre-season SWAGs

I was close on a ton of things.

CelticsBlog roundtable: in addition to Banner 18, what do you want from 2023?

Aside from the obvious Banner 18, what do you want to see happen next year?

CelticsBlog roundtable: what is one thing that you learned or grew from this year?

Sometimes success is measured in how you grew and developed over time - right Brad?

CelticsBlog roundtable: what’s your worry level?

The Celtics have lost four of their last five games.

Read & React: Is Jayson Tatum the league’s most complete player?

Putting some more nuance to the usual MVP discussion

Scattered thoughts on the Celtics after 10 games

Sample sizes are still small but getting larger for the Boston Celtics.

Topic Tuesday: How would you use the Gallinari DPE?

Brad Stevens now has $3.2M he can spend. Will he use it?

CelticsBlog Player of the Week #2: Jayson Tatum (again)

It was a tough week for the Celtics, but continued MVP-caliber play from their best player remained a bright spot.

Five Celtics trends: fluke or not a fluke?

A look at how the season has unfolded so far and whether or not certain developments will continue.

CelticsBlog Player of the Week #1: Jayson Tatum

CelticsBlog and the NBA agree: there’s only one choice for Player of the Week.

CelticsBlog roundtable: who or what is the biggest X-Factor for the Celtics this season?

CelticsBlog staff discusses who or what could move the needle for the Celtics this year


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