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Boston Celtics Film Study

Ime Udoka’s playbook: anticipating his actions based on the Spurs offense

Building an offense around Tatum and Brown can be done by stealing some classic Spursian sets.

What does Dennis Schröder add to the Celtics?

Schröder is another shrewd pick up by Brad Stevens.

Pritchard chasing greatness, expanded NBA role in Vegas

Payton’s focus is evident in his play as he hones in on playmaking skill.

CelticsBlog exit interview: the Celtics can’t afford to wait on Semi Ojeleye any longer

Semi Ojeleye’s lack of development makes it difficult to justify giving him another shot at the rotation next season.

What can we expect from Moses Brown?

The second-year big has his warts, but could be a solid back-up center for the Celtics.

CelticsBlog exit interview: Jaylen Brown has emerged into NBA superstardom

Though it was tragically cut short due to injury, Jaylen Brown’s continued ascendance was a rare bright spot for the 2020-21 Celtics.

Parquet plays: end of quarter two-for-one strategy stinks and here’s why

I have one major nitpick from Boston’s Game 3 win against the Nets that reflects on the entire regular season, which is the end of quarter two-for-one strategy. It stinks, it’s bad, and I’m tired of it.

Parquet plays: Stevens foils Nets late-game play

Scouting matters, and kudos to Marcus Smart for executing the switch.

Riding the Jabari Parker rollercoaster

Has Boston’s late-season flier shown long-term promise?

The Celtics were purged of any and all playmaking in Game 2

Boston has struggled to share the ball all season, but the Nets have shed some light on some particularly ghastly tendencies.

Celtics let Joe Harris get loose in Game 2

By trying to stop Brooklyn’s Big Three, Joe Harris torched the Celtics’ defense in Game 2.

ISO-driven Nets make defensive adjustments difficult

There’s more the Celtics can do, but great players make tough shots.

Parquet plays: Stevens’ ATO wizardry vs. Washington

The surgical play-caller was in peak form on Tuesday night, helping the Celtics get the win.

A glimmer of hope: the partnership between Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier

The veterans could be the saviors of this season.

CelticsBlog film room: Heat exploit Celtics switching scheme

Miami picked apart the lazy switches from the Celtics on Sunday. That can’t happen again today.

Parquet plays: pistol curl

We saw a new wrinkle in the Celtics offense against Portland.

Parquet plays: Celtics storm back against Thunder with late game execution

Late scores can be attributed to quick reactions on-court as much as Stevens’ tactical wizardry.

Must C’s: Romeo Langford’s facilitating flashes

The second-year guard showed off some nice passing against the Bulls.

Parquet plays: wide pindowns to get Tatum, Brown in space

The Celtics went to the same down screen action twice to spring their top scorer free.

The Boston Celtics guide to surviving Steph Curry

Solving the Steph Curry enigma is impossible. Surviving him is a different, attainable story.

Parquet plays: that intentional missed free throw in Portland

Brad Stevens instructed Marcus Smart to brick it so the Celtics could win the game.

Parquet plays: Robert Williams III displays Al Horford potential

The young big man could fill a Horford-sized void with his playmaking ability.

Parquet plays: Celtics show signs of improving offense

Boston has dealt with offensive stagnancy all year, but with an increased number of healthy wings, it may be able to make some significant improvements before the playoffs.

What’s up with Marcus Smart’s defense?

As the anchor of the Celtics defense, is Smart slowing down and impacting the team’s overall defensive effort?

In the zone: what makes Boston’s zone defense so great?

Initially a change of pace, is there a real weapon to be found in their zone?

Meet the newest Celtic Evan Fournier

Fournier is the perfect floor spacer around the existing Celtics core.

Parquet plays: Celtics ATO plays fall short against Milwaukee

Three plays, all intensely defended, saw Boston fall short at the buzzer.

Parquet plays: screen the screener starring Aaron Nesmith and Robert Williams

An oldie, but a goodie.

Parquet plays: Theis injects life into offense

Effort and intensity lead to a commanding win on Sunday afternoon.

With steady Pritchard, Celtics should eye shooting for second unit help

As the deadline approaches and the C’s get healthier, the rookie should settle into his role as second unit creator

Robert Williams’ breakthrough is here

The third-year center is living up to his potential, and staking his claim as Boston’s most impactful center.

Parquet plays: Marcus Smart directing traffic on both ends of the floor

The floor general was moving pieces last night.