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Boston Celtics Film Study

Can Jaylen Brown become a reliable playmaker?

The Celtics star can score, but his next evolution will be harnessing that talent and creating for others.

Celtics Playbook: Iverson Gut DHO

A personal favorite from the Boston Celtics early season playbook.

How could Kristaps Porzingis fit with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown

Porzingis will form part of Boston’s new three-headed monster.

[WATCH] Looking at a core Celtics defensive adjustment Game 4

A slight defensive adjustment made all the difference for the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics went back to their playbook to beat the Heat

A look at some of Boston’s best offensive moments from Game 4.

The Celtics need to utilize their spacing

On Wednesday night, Boston failed to make proper use of their floor spacing against Miami.

Preparing for Bam Adebayo’s elbow actions

The Miami Heat are next up for the Boston Celtics.

How the Celtics adjusted to the James Harden-Joel Embiid pick-and-roll

Philadelphia’s primary weapon is being blunted by Boston’s defense.

Philly’s pick-and-roll: a pain in the side

The Sixers primary adjust paid off in a big way.

How Jayson Tatum got going in Game 4

After playing an inefficient and uneven opening half, Jayson Tatum nearly stole Game 4 for the Celtics.

Celtics stack action: a staple of Mazzulla-ball against the 76ers

The Celtics ran a stack action six times when they last played the Sixers.

How the Celtics have guarded Trae Young and what needs to change

Breaking down Boston’s defense against Young and the Hawks so far this series.

Trae Young’s bad days: how the Celtics have slowed Atlanta’s pick and roll game

The Celtics’ disciplined and intelligent approach to Trae Young has flustered him through two games.

How Robert Williams can have an effective role in Boston’s five-out offense

Robert Williams is more than just a dunk threat.

Give me your lunch money: a new Celtics mentality

The Celtics have registered 20 steals in their last two games.

How the Jazz frustrated Jayson Tatum

Utah threw the kitchen sink at the Celtics’ MVP candidate.

Parquet plays: Malcolm Brogdon, giant killer

Against the Lakers, the Celtics turned to an unlikely source to stop their size.

Parquet plays: maybe timeouts are a good thing

A Brad Stevens-esque ATO at the close of overtime gave the Celtics the lead.

CelticsBlog film room: What is the ‘Blind Pig’?

The play has a weird name, but it works like a charm.

CelticsBlog film room: creating plays with off-ball movement

The Celtics are playing some selfless basketball right now.

CelticsBlog film room: double bigs = double trouble

The Celtics took one of their usual sets, and spiced things up a little.

CelticsBlog film room: adding variance to traditional sets

The Boston Celtics put a modern twist on a classic.

Parquet Plays: doubling Doncic in Dallas

After getting drubbed in Oklahoma City, the Celtics came into Dallas looking to make a statement.

Tale of two Jaylen Browns

The Celtics All-Star has put up some great counting stats, but a deeper dive reveals a world of problems.

CelticsBlog film room: third quarter curse strikes again vs. Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers upped their defensive intensity to spark their comeback.

CelticsBlog Film Room: Jayson Tatum as the roll man

Jayson Tatum is finding new ways to generate scoring opportunities.

How Boston’s ‘quick’ actions took control of the 4th against Nets

The Celtics got the ball to their best players in the clutch.

Attacking the Miami zone

The Celtics didn’t blink whenever the Heat tried to throw some zone into their defensive coverages.

Parquet plays: setting up the lob

Luke Kornet and Malcolm Brogdon have a nice two-man game.

Parquet Plays: Slipping the Spain PnR

Joe Mazzulla just keeps on impressing with his play calls.

Why the Celtics utilized delayed cuts against the Grizzlies

Boston simply refuse to be contained.

Parquet Plays: setting up Sam Hauser

The Celtics ran an Iverson Rip DHO to get Sam Hauser an early bucket.


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