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Boston Celtics Film Study

Floaters, cutting, and drives: How Jayson Tatum re-vamped his game

The Celtics star has added new levels to his offensive game.

How Chicago cooked Boston with their size

The Bulls punished the Celtics’ lack of size en route to a blowout victory.

Defending Miami’s stagger action

The Celtics made some adjustments to their defensive coverage.

Joe Mazzulla is already making his mark

The rookie head coach had his fingerprints all over Boston’s season opener.

Creating offense from the big men

Against the Raptors, Boston ran more offense through their 4’s and 5’s.

A closer look at the Celtics 21 series

The Celtics had a reliable system out of their 21 series, and went to it early and often throughout the season.

X’s and O’s Week: lob actions to Robert Williams

The Celtics have one of the best alley-oop threats in the league. Here’s why the presence of Time Lord offers such a security blanket for the team’s offense.

X’s and O’s Week: Jaylen Brown’s career progression in 25 clips

If you’re wondering why Jaylen feels disrespected, look no further at his unparalleled development in Boston.

X’s and O’s Week: elbow zoom actions

Boston’s elbow zoom series was a success throughout last season.

X’s and O’s Week: different shooting sets to help diversify the Celtics’ offense

The Celtics added more shooting this offseason, so why not add some more shooting sets?

X’s and O’s Week: Celtics favorite backdoor sets

When the star players get face-guarded, how does Ime Udoka help get them open?

Tatum at his best when playing off two feet

Two feet for safety, right Jayson?

Post-ups could be utilized more in Boston next season

With so many big guards and wings, isolating down low has a distinct advantage for the Celtics.

CelticsBlog film room: Malcolm Brogdon

Boston’s prized acquisition of the summer helps Celtics defense while adding an element on offense.

CelticsBlog film room: Danilo Gallinari

A look at the spots and actions that bring out the best in Gallinari.

CelticsBlog film room: J.D. Davison flashed NBA-level point guard talent in Summer League

The Celtics Summer League team ran through Davison, who averaged a league-best 8.2 assists per game.

What Malcolm Brogdon brings to the Celtics

The former Pacers point guard fills multiple holes on this Celtics roster.

Exploring JD Davison’s growing game

As the 53rd pick in the draft, Davison is a genuine project for the Boston Celtics.

Turnovers come back to haunt Celtics (again)

Eighteen turnovers lead to 33 points, and plunged the Celtics into a blowout loss in Game 2.

Tatum’s playmaking highlights versatility in Game 1 win

The All-NBA First Team wing carved open the Warriors despite a poor shooting night.

Learning from Luka: How to limit Andrew Wiggins’ impact on Jayson Tatum

Andrew Wiggins was Luka Doncic’s primary defender in the Western Conference Finals, and projects to be the guy tasked with guarding Jayson Tatum in The NBA Finals.

For Celtics, guarding Warriors in transition is a test in discipline

Golden State’s offense is kind of like a jazz band, and that makes them so much harder to predict.

CelticsBlog film study: solving Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo in Game 4

The Celtics were successful in forcing a lot of long-2’s in their blowout win.

CelticsBlog film study: mismatch hunting pays dividends in Game 4

Jayson Tatum feasted on smaller defenders to the series at 2-2.

First half defense dug Boston a deep hole in Game 3 loss

The Celtics weren’t their usual selves defending in the half court.

Cooling off the Heat: stopping Miami’s dribble handoff attack

This is not the same team from the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals. A new approach is necessary.

Celtics attacked favorable matchups in Game 6

The Celtics manipulated the Bucks defense throughout the game, earning favorable mismatches at will.

A step-by-step guide into Boston’s final sideline inbounds play

With the game on the line, the Celtics crumbled, and this inbounds play sums up their final few minutes.

Ime Udoka and the ATO edge

In a physical series where the Bucks are honing in on Jayson Tatum, the head coach can help with his play calling after a timeout

The other Bucks not named Giannis

The Celtics have done well on defense, so let’s take a look at any potential improvements against non-Giannis threats.

Celtics perimeter defense stifles Bucks in Game 2 win

Boston took the three-point shot away from Milwaukee for their fewest attempts all season.

How Milwaukee’s Game 1 defense was built to stop Jayson Tatum

Through full court pressure and forcing him left, the Bucks prevented Boston’s superstar from establishing a rhythm on Sunday afternoon.


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