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Celtics Game Previews

Game threads and previews for Boston Celtics games.

Boston Celtics (44-12) at New York Knicks (34-22) Game #57 2/24/24

The Celtics look to win their 8th straight game as they visit the New York Knicks for the 4th of 5 games between these Atlantic Division rivals this season.

Boston Celtics (43-12) at Chicago Bulls (26-29) Game #56 2/22/24

The Celtics begin the stretch run with a visit to the Chicago Bulls and look to add to their 6 game win streak.

Brooklyn Nets (21-32) at Boston Celtics (42-12) Game #54 2/14/24

The Celtics look to head into the All Star break with a 6 game win streak as they host the Brooklyn Nets.

Boston Celtics (41-12) at Brooklyn Nets (21-31) Game #54 2/13/24

The Celtics look for their 5th straight win as they begin a home and home series with the Nets in Brooklyn.

Boston Celtics (41-12) at Miami Heat (28-24) Game #53 2/11/24

The Celtics will face off against the Heat for the third and final time during the regular season.

Washington Wizards (9-41) at Boston Celtics (39-12) Game #52 2/9/24

The Celtics host the Washington Wizards to close out their 7 game home stand.

Atlanta Hawks (22-28) at Boston Celtics (38-12) Game #51 2/7/24

The Celtics host the Atlanta Hawks for the 2nd of 4 meetings this season.

Three things to look for as the rested Celtics host the offensive-minded Hawks

Which pace prevails?

Memphis Grizzlies (18-31) at Boston Celtics (37-12)

The Celtics welcome back Marcus Smart to Boston.

Los Angeles Lakers (24-25) at Boston Celtics (37-11) Game #49 2/1/24

The Celtics face off with the Lakers for the final time this season, looking to finish 2-0 against their long-time rivals

Indiana Pacers (26-20) at Boston Celtics (36-11) Game #48 1/30/24

The Celtics host the Indiana Pacers for the 5th and final game between them this season.

New Orleans Pelicans (26-20) at Boston Celtics (35-11) Game #47 1/29/24

The Celtics look to get back on track as they host the New Orleans Pelicans.

Los Angeles Clippers (29-14) at Boston Celtics (35-10) Game #46 1/27/24

The Celtics return home from their 3-0 road trip to host the Los Angeles Clippers.

Boston Celtics (34-10) at Miami Heat (24-20) Game #45 1/25/24

The Celtics complete their road trip with a stop in Miami to take on the Heat.

Boston Celtics (33-10) at Dallas Mavericks (24-18) Game #44 1/22/24

The Celtics continue their road trip as they take on the Mavericks in Dallas on the second night of back to back games.

Boston Celtics (32-10) at Houston Rockets (20-21) Game #43 1/21/24

The Celtics begin a 3 game road trip with a stop in Houston to take on the Rockets.

Denver Nuggets (28-14) at Boston Celtics (32-9 ) Game #42 1/19/24

The Celtics look for their 4th straight win as they host the Denver Nuggets.

San Antonio Spurs (7-32) at Boston Celtics (31-9) Game #41 1/17/24

The Celtics return home to host the San Antonio Spurs for their 2nd and final meeting this season.

Boston Celtics (30-9) at Toronto Raptors (15-24) Game #40 1/15/24

The Celtics and Raptors meet in Toronto for the fourth and final game between them this season.

Houston Rockets (19-18) at Boston Celtics (29-9) Game #39 1/13/24

The Celtics return home to host Ime Udoka and the Houston Rockets.

Boston Celtics (29-8) at Milwaukee Bucks (25-12) Game #38 1/11/24

The Celtics visit the Milwaukee Bucks as they look to win their second straight game.

Minnesota Timberwolves (26-10) at Boston Celtics (28-8) Game #37 1/10/24

The Celtics host the Minnesota Timberwolves in a battle of the best of the East vs the best of the West.

Boston Celtics (28-7) at Indiana Pacers (20-15) Game #36 1/8/24

The Celtics take on the Pacers in Indiana for the second time in three nights.

Boston Celtics (27-7) at Indiana Pacers (20-14) Game #35 1/6/24

The Celtics head out on the road to take on the Pacers for 2 straight games in Indiana.

Jayson Tatum adapting and thriving in new role as Celtics’ offensive hub

In the Celtics’ Friday night win over the Jazz, Tatum’s offensive dominance shined through once again.

Celtic’s blistering defense rocks the Jazz

Boston’s elite defense was on full display as they blew out the Utah Jazz by 29 points.

Celtics silence Jazz 126-97, improve to 17-0 at home

The Celtics put down the Jazz unceremoniously to remain unbeaten in Boston with a back-to-back on deck.

Utah Jazz (16-19) at Boston Celtics (26-7) Game #34 1/5/24

The Celtics return home for one game to host Kelly Olynyk and the Utah Jazz.

Writer’s Block: Lessons from Celtics-Thunder

I never thought I’d have no thoughts about a Celtics game, but here we are. But maybe that’s a thought...

Jayson Tatum shows off two-way dominance in Celtics loss to Thunder

The Boston superstar is back to his usual self.

Porzingis on Thunder: “that’s a talented young team”

In what could be a Finals preview, the Celtics come away with respect in loss in Oklahoma City.

Celtics give up 127-123 statement win to Thunder

Boston maintains the first-overall league record despite nail-biting loss


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