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Boston Celtics History

Articles about the Boston Celtics and their storied history.

Where do the current Boston Celtics rank in the history of the franchise?

Here are the CelticsBlog rankings of the ten distinct time periods that constitute the franchise’s illustrious history.

Looking back at the 50-point playoff games in Boston Celtics history

Seven times a Celtics player has scored 50 or more in a postseason game. Jayson Tatum’s performance on Sunday is arguably the best of them all.

Does it truly matter how you finish?

There’s a ton of talk about the Celtics needing to finish strong, but does ending the regular season on a high note mean anything?

The historical standing of Jayson Tatum’s under-25 resume

After Jayson Tatum’s 25th birthday, where do his career accomplishments stack up in NBA history?

Where do the 2022-23 Celtics stand historically?

With over 50 games in the books, let’s take a look at where some of the best Celtics teams stood at this point in the regular season.

The underrated Chris Ford

The former Celtic player and coach hit the first 3-pointer in NBA history and won three rings in Boston.

Paul Silas remembered

Durable rebounder/defender stalwart latest in long line of Celtic legends to recently pass.

Bill Russell’s untouchable legacy

Despite everything he accomplished, Russell hasn’t always gotten the respect he’s deserved.

Bill Russell remembered

As a defender and thinker, the late Celtics great was a dominant force to watch in real time.

Bob Cousy on Bill Russell: “every ounce of him burned to win”

The Celtics legend passed away yesterday at age 88.

Bill Russell: most valuable player ever

Celtic legend dies at 88, leaving behind great hoops legacy of winning and intangibles

Live at the 1978 NBA Draft from the first Celtics fan to know Larry Bird was Boston bound

Let me tell you a story about sneaking into the 1978 draft and becoming the first Celtics fan anywhere to know who Boston had chosen.

The season that was

The 2021-2022 Celtics astonishing road to The NBA Finals.

Looking back at the 12 regular-season 50-point games in Celtics history

From Isaiah Thomas to Larry Bird, there have been some rather memorable ones.

CelticsBlog’s Top 75

Professor Parquet weighs in on league’s 75th anniversary.

Becoming a Boston Celtics fan

We’re all connected by history.

My favorite quotes about Larry Bird

Great tributes illustrate the unsurpassed hoop career of Larry Legend.

Reliving the almost-perfect championship series stint authored by Larry Bird in the 1985 Finals at LA

Bird’s all-around 4th quarter tour de force in Game 4 turned the tide, leading to a Celtic buzzer-beating win at the Lakers

KC: the quiet Celtics legend who won at every level

The initials K.C. don’t stand for anything; just K.C.

Seeing Larry Legend in Luka Doncic

CelticsBlog’s basketball historian sees a lot of Larry Bird in the Mavericks point guard.

Larry Bird’s comeback cut short in 1990 NBA Playoffs

Questionable calls doomed coach Rodgers, Celtics in upset Game 3 collapse to Knicks.

LeBron James’ career as told through the eyes of the Boston Celtics

Across his nearly 17-year career, the evolution of LeBron James can be traced through his yearly battles with the Boston Celtics.

Ranking the best Celtics teams to never raise a banner

In a franchise that celebrates 17 NBA championships, the most in league history, the teams that came close but did not happen to win it all tend to get lost or forgotten.

Remembering Gerald Henderson’s overlooked contributions to the Celtics’ epic 1984 championship

Wedman, Ainge, Maxwell and Carr also played key, unheralded roles in thrilling 1984 7-game triumph over LA

What If the Celtics and Lakers had switched conferences in the 1980’s?

Boston would likely have doubled its titles in the weak West instead of the rugged East of the 80’s.

The greatest Celtics Game 7 wins of all time

Rivalries with 76ers, Lakers, Hawks, Bucks and Knicks capped by numerous game 7 thrillers

Rajon Rondo’s Game 2 performance in 2012 ECF gets lost in Boston Celtics lore

National TV Rondo was in the zone for this historic showing.

The last chance: revisiting Game 7 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals vs. Pistons

Thirty-three years later, Isiah Thomas is still in denial.

True stories from ESPN’s The Last Dance with Bob Ryan

Bob joined Bobby Manning’s "Dome Theory" podcast on CLNS Media, formerly The Bobcast, with the historic context of The Last Dance that he lived through.

Celtics greats key to retro Olympic Dream Teams

Can you imagine John Havlicek and Jerry West teaming up on a dream team in 1972?

Ranking Larry Bird’s best buzzer beaters

Larry Legend authored more improbable buzzer beaters than anyone in NBA history.

History week: How will you remember the 2010-2019 Celtics?

How will you remember a decade of relevancy? One that didn’t go easy on injuries and heartbreak.


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