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Celtics Draft

Covering all angles of the NBA Draft from a Boston Celtics perspective.

What if we looked ahead to the 2023 NBA Draft?

Without a first-round selection, the Celtics will have to look in the second-round for projects in the upcoming seasons.

Exploring JD Davison’s growing game

As the 53rd pick in the draft, Davison is a genuine project for the Boston Celtics.

Brad Stevens on JD Davison, lack of draft day trades, and potential TPE targets

The POBO spoke to the media after the NBA Draft.

Celtics select JD Davison with 53rd pick

Davison played one season at Alabama

Draft targets: the insurance policy guys

If the Celtics prioritize trying to get a more NBA-ready prospect with the 53rd pick, we have a few ideas.

Draft targets: the international draft-and-stash pool

Without a ton of room on the roster, the C’s could be poised to make another long-term investment overseas

Draft targets: Coach Spins’ favorite developmental picks

Is there downside to swinging for the fences on a younger talent? There are a few who could be available with the 53rd pick.

NBA Draft Combine reveals potential 2nd round targets for Celtics

With the NBA Draft only about a month away, last week’s combine offered an opportunity to see some potential fits for the organization

March Madness: Celtics prospects to watch for

Based on roster needs and draft capital, who are some reasonable college players to get familiar with?

2021 draft profiles: Coach Spins’ favorite 2nd round fits

The C’s also have the 45th overall pick and could find decent value with the selection.

2021 draft profiles: wings galore

There’s a lot of depth at the wing spot in this draft. How many names would make sense for the Celtics at 16th?

2021 draft profiles: creating guards

As Kemba Walker ages, the need for an offensive focal point grows. Could this be the time to spend a mid-1st rounder on a lead guard?

2021 draft profiles: off-ball guards

Since Tatum and Brown are primary creators, getting more of a shot-maker than shot-creator in the backcourt would be wise for the Celtics

2021 draft profiles: swing forwards

Adding a versatile 4-man next to Tatum and Brown would make the C’s a massive and skilled group.

2021 draft profiles: first-round centers

While Robert Williams seems primed for the starting center role, now might be the time to draft another big

Celtics PRIDE podcast: CelticsBlog’s Adam Spinella previews the NBA Draft

Who will Brad Stevens target at #45?

2021 draft profiles: international first-rounders

Beneath a top tier of domestic prospects are a few overseas names with intrigue and standout skills

2021 draft profiles: A clear top-6

While unlikely the C’s trade their way up, there are six prospects who make this a potentially elite draft class

Celtics draft primer roundtable

CelticsBlog experts weigh in on how the C’s should approach the upcoming NBA Draft after trading away their first round pick.

March Madness: which Celtics draft prospects you need to see

A Boston-based guide of prospects to watch in the 2021 NCAA Tournament

SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft: The Boston Celtics select Isaiah Joe 30th

Our third and final pick, Joe is a lethal shooter who can open up the floor for Tatum and company

SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft: The Boston Celtics select Tyrell Terry 26th

Terry has lottery interest, and with time to develop behind Kemba Walker, he could be Boston’s point guard of the future

SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft: The Celtics select Obi Toppin 14th

An unforeseen slide by a consensus top-5 pick was worth snagging regardless of need

2020 draft profiles: trade-up candidate Devin Vassell

An elite defender for his age, Vassell would help the Celtics wing defense move to elite status

My totally uninformed NBA draft preview

I know nothing. Let me tell you all that I know.

2020 draft profiles: trade-up candidate Tyrese Haliburton

Boston has plenty of scoring, so trading up for the perfect compliment to their core isn’t an outlandish idea

2020 draft profiles: international prospects

With three first-round picks, the Celtics will likely look to some draft-and-stash players.

2020 Draft Profiles: late first round bigs to target

With two picks scheduled at the end of the first round, can the Celtics stabilize their backup center spot through the draft?

2020 draft profiles: the case for RJ Hampton

A seemingly slept-on prospect, RJ Hampton could (and should) be a Celtics target at #14.

2020 draft profiles: late first round wings to target

With two picks scheduled for late in the first round, there’s plenty of opportunity to add shooting to the wing group

2020 draft profiles: late first round guards to target

With two picks scheduled for the end of the first round, could Danny Ainge find the new Brad Wanamaker in this range?

2020 Draft Profiles: Lottery bigs who could fit the Celtics

There aren’t a ton of elite big men in this draft class, but two in particular could be targets at the 14th pick.

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