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CelticsBlog Podcasts

Green With Envy: Exploring the narratives

The Green With Envy team dove into the major Celtics narratives.

How ‘Bout Them Celtics: Celtics’ road to In-Season Tournament Quarterfinals and Sam Hauser’s emergence

The Celtics just like making things difficult for themselves.

Jaylen Brown wants athletes to have a bigger voice

Jaylen Brown discussed a wide range of topics during his latest podcast appearance

Green With Envy: Is Jaylen Brown being overly criticized?

Is Jaylen Brown being treated unfairly by the fanbase?

How ‘Bout Them Celtics: Sam Hauser is back and Jaylen Brown is picking up steam

The Celtics absolutely WOMPED the Raptors and some kinks are looking like they’re ironed out.

How ‘Bout Them Celtics: Jrue Holiday on Joel Embiid worked but the Cs missed several opportunities

Despite the loss, the Celtics’ unique defense on Joel Embiid worked, but they failed to capitalize at key moments.

How ‘Bout Them Celtics: Playoff PTSD and Jayson Tatum’s incredibly improved offense

Sigh, it wasn’t going to last forever, was it?

How ‘Bout Them Celtics: Post-ups are king and the perfect Celtics offensive possession

Boston took down Brooklyn and the offense is looking crisp.

How ‘Bout Them Celtics: The War on Theis continues and a brutal Pacers stomp

The Pacers seriously couldn’t let Daniel Theis play in Boston during a 51-point blowout??

How ‘Bout Them Celtics: Celtics embarrass Wizards and the terrible new NBA courts

On the same day the NBA unveiled their awful new courts, the Celtics made a mockery of the Wizards.

Green With Envy: Should the Celtics extend Derrick White?

Derrick White has two years remaining on his current deal.

Green With Envy: Grant Williams interview and recapping the latest Celtics news

A week is a long time in the NBA world.

Green With Envy: catching up before the NBA Draft and free agency

The Celtics are already making moves.

Green With Envy: Deep diving the Hawks series w/ special guests

The Green With Envy podcast dove deep into the Celtics playoff series against the Hawks.

Green With Envy: Regular season wrap up

The Boston Celtics are aiming high.

Green With Envy: Celtics vs. Bucks preview

Tonight could determine the playoff position of both teams.

First to the Floor: things are looking up for the Celtics

The Celtics are finding their stretch as they head into the final stretch of the season.

Green With Envy: locking in ahead of the playoffs

The Celtics have won three straight games as they approach two big games in Milwaukee and Philadelphia.

Green With Envy: lots to unpack from the six-game road trip

A 4-2 road trip, a seeding battle underway, and lots of adjustments to unpack.

First to the Floor: a round of Celtics Would You Rather?

The First to the Floor guys engage in the age old game of Would You Rather.

The future of CelticsBlog podcasts

Thanks for listening.

First to the Floor: should we be worried about Marcus Smart?

The Celtics’ starting point guard has embodied their recent inconsistent stretch.

Green With Envy: wide open 3s are great shots

All threes are not created equal.

Vitamin C’s: Playing a dangerous game

The Celtics have some tough decisions to make.

Green with Envy: Sam Hauser, mashed potatoes, and Celtics foodies

Let’s get weird.

Vitamin C’s: falling apart in a rough patch

The losing has to end soon.

First to the Floor: more Derrick White please

The guys breakdown the thriller in Cleveland, the recent bad stretch, and why Derrick White needs more minutes.

First to the Floor: are the Knicks a bad matchup?

The Celtics yet again struggled against a unique and solid Knicks team.

Green With Envy: a thriller in Philly

Adam Taylor joined Green With Envy for a crossover podcast show.

Green with Envy: 3 Fixes to All-Star Saturday Night

Another NBA season. Another disappointing All-Star Saturday night. What’s new?

First to the Floor: awards at All-Star break

Which Celtic is class clown?

First to the Floor: well, that was a weird one

First to the Floor takes stock of a strange — but fun — loss to the Bucks.

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