I hope Durant to Boston is the fireworks we've been waiting for on the 4th July


I hope Durant to Boston is the fireworks we've been waiting for on the 4th July




Cousins [is] "frustrated" about the loss of Thomas

Everyone wants to see BOS-LAL...for Evan Turner, not Kobe!


Evan Turner on Kobe Bryant's ovation in Boston: "People will say it's for Kobe, but deep down it's probably for me."

Evan Turner

Who'd like to see Gallo in green?


1. Which East team should be looking to make a move?

Tom Haberstroh: Danilo Gallinari to the Celtics. Sure, Cousins represents the big whale for Boston, but Gallo could be more realistic. He may not be trade-eligible until February, but for a rebuilding organization in Denver, the Celtics have just what the Nuggets need: a trove of picks and youngsters to plant new seeds.

Our own Kevin O'Connor first mentioned Gallinari as an option for the Celtics back in July.

ESPN Insider - 5-on-5: Who will be the buyers and sellers during NBA trade season?

Ray Allen got the itch when he watched the Finals


I didn't miss it. I realized how much time I missed not being home with my kids. I probably missed it in the Finals. Watching Cleveland and Golden State play, it just seemed like an epic battle that required a lot of precision on the floor and that's when I felt, that was probably the only time that I felt like, 'Man, I should have been out there

Ray Allen

Danny Ainge thinks Brad Stevens will end up as one of the coaching greats


Brad is one of the smartest coaches in the NBA. He’s learning the game still. But he’s a tireless worker, he’s a great communicator. It's exciting for me that Brad is getting the accolades that he’s getting. We’ve always known that about Brad. He’s going to have some ups and downs through his coaching career, but, it’s my opinion that, in 10 or 20 years from now, we’ll be talking about Brad as one of the great coaches to ever coach in the NBA

Danny Ainge |

Why Amir Johnson chose #90


"Every number, 1 to 34, is basically retired," said Johnson.... "My [last] number [15] of course was retired [for Tommy Heinsohn]. I recently posted a picture on my social network, I don’t know if you guys checked it out, it was a team back in the '90s -- like ’97, ’96 -- that I played for. My first organized basketball team which was the Burbank [Calif.] Celtics. It was a Celtics team, so I just kind of put that together." Then Johnson bottom-lined it: "The '90s were good. I was born in '87 but the '90s were good."


Draft Day dealing with Charlotte squashed by Michael Jordan


Some members of Charlotte’s front office liked the Boston deal, but Michael Jordan, the team’s owner and ultimate decision-maker, preferred Kaminsky to a pile of first-rounders outside the lottery, per several sources

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Jae Crowder encouraged about Celtics' progress


I don't think we're going to go backward. I think we're in the right direction -- moving forward. That's to win playoff games, like Danny said, and we didn't do that last year. So that's our next goal. We're taking steps. Of course we want Banner 18, but at the same time we have to win a playoff game first before we get to Banner 18. I think we're moving in the right direction.

Jae Crowder |

Marcus Smart will miss Wallace's bluntness


Gerald's been in the league -- I forgot how long, but let's just say Gerald's old. He was just very blunt with it. He wasn't going to beat around the bush with you. He was going to tell you his thoughts on it, what you did wrong, what you did right. Like I said, he never sugar-coated anything. And that's what you want. As a player that's trying to develop into you career, you want somebody who's going to tell you what you need to hear.

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