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Green Bandwagon

Bill Walker Impresses in Camp

Posting and Toasting - Video Interviews

Boston Celtics Links - 10/1/08

Boston Celtics 2009 Season Preview

Posting and Toasting - Moving on Up

The Brian Scalabrine Show?

Featured Fanshot

Media Day Pictures

Check out the Globe's media day pics. I get a kick out of all of these because they're inherently goofy. Fog, staring off into space , it's all there. You don't see that too much nowadays. Also, I enjoyed KG's cue card because his name, the part he knows the best, is highlighted above all else. It's the little things.

Boston Celtics Links - 9/30/08

Boston Celtics Re-sign Sam Cassell

Happy Boston Celtics Media Day

Kendrick Perkins: Not Quite Ready to Be A Beast

Kevin Garnett: Rested and Ready to Go

2001 Redraft at Ridiculous Upside

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Earlier I linked to SLC Dunk for its interview with Mark Eaton. In the comments section there I...

Earlier I linked to SLC Dunk for its interview with Mark Eaton. In the comments section there I asked if anyone remembered a commercial where Eaton spoke out against domestic violence. As I said there I once tried to reenact the commercial in 6th grade. I stood on a chair. Everyone was confused. Thankfully basketballjohn knew what I was talking about. Enjoy:


Previewing the Atlantic Division: Toronto Raptors Edition

Boston Celtics Head to the White House

Bill Laimbeer Talks About Larry Bird on Radio

Previewing the Atlantic Division: New York Knicks Edition

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Ridiculous Upside 2001 Redraft

Over at Ridiculous Upside they're redoing the 2001 NBA draft. Or as I like to call it the Brown, Johnson, Forte draft. Shivers. Bullets Forever was up first. Here's a hint: They didn't go with Kwame. Check out the first overall pick here. I think I'll make my debut next Monday. Stay tuned.

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Peachtree Hoops Is Born

Check out SB Nation's newest basketball blog - Peachtree Hoops. It's all about the Atlanta Hawks. And even though the organization is dysfunctional, Marvin Williams mugged Rondo, and Atlanta took Boston to 7 games, I still enjoy the Hawks experience.

Previewing the Atlantic Division: Philadelphia 76ers Edition

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Special Edition Kevin Garnett Sneakers

If I were going to spend $1,000+ on a pair of shoes I'd want to be able to wear them for at least 15 years. I don't care if they're limited edition. Unfortunately these are size 15. And most of my money is tied up in real estate right now. Tough housing market...

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Tony Allen at the Ring Sizing

For some reason Tony Allen's decision to get his championship ring for his pinky finger killed me. It just did. And the rep subtly tried to talk him out of it. But Allen had definitely thought it out and knew what he wanted. He even gives Rondo a little advice. Good stuff.

Delonte West Signs With The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Boys Are Back In Town

The Sam Cassell Rumor

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"The past six NBA champs each failed to defend their title."

New SBNBA Blogs

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I! Love! LEON!!!

Boston Celtics Sign Doc Rivers to a Contract Extension

And I'm Back...Kind Of