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Jayson Tatum and Kyrie Irving school kids at local camp

Those poor kids.

Create your own Kyrie Irving quote - Mad Libs style

Because every woke, reality based person loves Mad Libs.

Future (made up) Tommy Heinsohn quotes

Because we love him.

A Celtics Star Wars Meme post just for fun

The Force is strong with this one.

Translating Danny Ainge's GM speak

What he says and what he means can be two different things.

Potential TV shows/movies starring the 80s Celtics

A light-hearted look at potential Boston-based artistic productions

A Celtics fan's Christmas wish list

Dear Santa, Just writing to let you know that I've been very good this year.

Celtics in the Star Wars universe

Excuse me while I completely nerd out in a galaxy far, far away.

A few fun Media Day photos

A few fun photos from the Boston Celtics Media Day

Which Celtics would make good football players?

Just for fun, here's a topic to generate some responses and hopefully a fun conversation or two.

Midsummer Night's Mailbag Answers

In which I try to answer your oddest questions.

CelticsBlog midsummer night's dream open mailbag

“The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.” ― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Featured Fanshot

Brad Stevens ran across six lanes of traffic in Las Vegas

Brad Stevens ran across six lanes of traffic while the Boston Celtics were in Las Vegas for the summer league. Marcus Smart is right when he says: "Don't hit coach!" At least Stevens looked before crossing the street. For Celtics fans, this is the equivalent for how Patriots fans felt when Tom Brady jumped off a cliff earlier this year. Original video via the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics as explained by Taylor Swift lyrics

You can tell me when it's over, If the high was worth the pain

Featured Fanshot


RSVP: Boston Celtics Three-Point Party

The Boston Celtics will be launching three-pointers from downtown this season and it's time for you to join the party.

Everything is awesome!!!

The Celtics are tied for (preseason) first place! Their first game was a blowout victory!

It's prediction time; come and predict the future!

Ready for basketball season, Boston Celtics fans? Our team at CelticsBlog predicted the stats for players on the roster, and we'd love to hear from you too!

What's happening with some former Boston Celtics?

Kevin O'Connor takes a look at what some former Boston Celtics players are doing this season. Players featured are Glen Davis, Brian Scalabrine, Greg Stiemsma, and more.

A conversation with myself's Kevin O'Connor swears he's not going crazy, yet he's talking to himself about what he wants from the 2013 Boston Celtics. Come take a look.

Six degrees of Kevin Garnett

So you've heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon right? Here's a database that plays that game for you, except that it does it with sports figures. Just type in two names and see how they are connected. Amazing.

Gerald Wallace Sounds Like A Didgeridoo

Our friends from The Garden Report (CLNS) posted some interview highlights of the Celtics at Media Day. Someone posted the video on Reddit with the caption "Gerald Wallace Sounds Like A Didgeridoo."

Friendly advice for the Brooklyn Nets

Congrats on purchasing your luxury instant contender model. Here's some instructions on how to keep it in tip top shape.

Buying a jersey during a rebuilding era

A light hearted look at which jersey you should buy for the next era.

What if the Celtics drafted Oden or Durant in '07?

Take a trip with Kevin O'Connor on the Celtics Blog Time Machine. We're going all the way back to 2007 to see what would've happened had the Boston Celtics drafted Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.

Antoine Walker discusses the state of the Celtics

Former NBA All Star Antoine Walker sits down with Comcast SportsNet NewEngland's Gary Tanguay for a long interview and discusses his bankruptcy, his time with the Celtics, Rick Pitino's failures in the NBA, and the future of the the franchise.

Rajon Rondo to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight at 7


Don't trade him.

Don't Panic!

On the cover of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy are two simple words. Don't panic. Well, grab your towel and Babel fish and gear up because everything is going to just fine.

The Birth of a Season

We're two weeks into a new NBA season. Here are some early thoughts and observations.

Jason Terry shows how to give a good scare

Jason Terry's latest video, this time featuring the now former Celtic Dionte Christmas.

Mailbag Answers Part I: The One-Liners

I promise to get to some of the longer questions and give some more in depth responses to them. But I couldn't resist some quick hit one liners as an appetizer. Bon ape-tit.

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