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Quick History of CelticsBlog

CelticsBlog 1.0

The original blogger format back in 2004. The fact that I knew enough photoshop to do this much and enough HTML to alter the blog format put me ahead of the curve at the time. Good times. (This was hosted on Blogger)


CelticsBlog 2.0

When the chat room was closed down, I saw an opportunity to do a favor for some online friends and maybe gain a few readers in the process. I set up a chat room and invited everyone over. Around that time I also set up a message board. The blog community started taking shape.

Pay no attention to the place where I call Mark Blount a top 5 center in the East. Ugh. Let's just move on.


CelticsBlog 3.0

I wanted to have more flexibility and options, so I set up a WordPress blog. The Get Buckets Brigade turned into the Perkolators and then just fizzled. I still like the idea behind the original Cheap Seats and always wanted to revisit it. Now with SBNation, you have the FanPosts and FanShots.

This was a good time of growth for the blog. Of course as the traffic started rising the server started crashing.


CelticsBlog 4.0

Enter Bob Day, webmaster guardian angel, who saved us from server purgatory and set us up with a beautiful site on Joomla. A big hat tip to Bradley from Go Fetch Marketing who designed our logos.


CelticsBlog 5.0

Enter SBNation who took control of the back end of the blog and provided us with incredible resources to work with but has let me continue to run the blog the way I want. Much respect to them for that.


CelticsBlog 6.0 - (SBNation United) Live now!