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Short clips, tweets, images, or news items of interest to Boston Celtics fans.

The ghost of Red Auerbach lives

Dwyane Wade had to tell his team following the third straight loss to the Bulls more bad news: there was no hot water in the visitor showers.

Let Jaylen Brown dunk

The campaign has begun. Jaylen Brown is pushing for a spot in the dunk contest, and former champion Gerald Green is ready to play the master for the apprentice. This could be awesome.

Isaiah Thomas Twitter question and answer session

As he does, Isaiah Thomas took to the good people of Twitter on a Friday night for inquiries on his life in and outside basketball. His responses, per usual, were awesome.

Al Horford escapes double team with sensational pass

A wall of Tobias Harris and Andre Drummond wasn’t enough to stop Boston’s point-center.

Marcus Smart suffers ankle contusion vs. Warriors

Injury added to the insult of a 31-9 third quarter.

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Jeff Clark on Locked On Celtics Podcast

I joined Jay King on the Locked On podcast to talk blogging and the Celtics.

Jonas Jerebko buys into the eSports world

Introducing basketball’s newest owner. Sort of.

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Marcus Smart's hair is... something

I have no words.

Isaiah Thomas married in Seattle

On the court Isaiah has found himself as a Celtic, and now it appears that his life has come full circle off the court as well, or something like that.

Doc rejects Blake Griffin rumors

Rivers denies trade talks with Boston

ESPN: Cs projected to win 51 games

Celtics penciled in for 51 wins

An offer Kevin Durant can't pass up

Legal Sea Foods has joined the recruiting trail for Kevin Durant with Isaiah Thomas and Patriots' defensive lineman Terrance Knighton. The latest pitch? Unlimited crab legs for the Thunder superstar.

We're on to Atlanta, C's to play on Saturday

Thanks to tie-breakers, Celtics find themselves on the road against the Hawks as the playoffs begin. But as Brad Stevens wished, they also found they also found their game erasing a 26-point deficit to down the Heat and cap off a 48-34 season.

Isaiah Thomas: shot-blocker

In a forgettable night for the Celtics, Isaiah sent Chris Paul's shot flying into the stands in transition for the Boston block of the year. There was also a Paul Pierce injury scare and too many wheelchair jokes.

Avery Bradley re-joins Celtics, will play tonight

He had to get out of the hospital and hop on a plane after spending two days extremely sick in Boston while his team headed out west without him. But improbably, Avery Bradley will start tonight against the Suns.

Marcus Smart channels his inner Rajon Rondo

The dribble move to the basket in the middle of his sensational performance vs. Portland was another flash of his potential as a playmaker. Marcus Smart keeps growing by the game.

Watch Avery Bradley's block in all its glory

Avery Bradley's block sealed the deal Monday night. But was it better than Tyler Zeller's crunch-time moment vs. Utah last year?

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Brad Stevens dunks off trampoline

What else needs to be said?

Smart play of the Night: Afternoon Edition

Marcus Smart doesn't just make incredible off-ball plays in the night time! Watch him stand in the air on a put-back against the Heat.

The Smart Play of the Night

Since Marcus Smart is back to bringing these unique hustle plays that the Celtics drive off of just about every game, let's bring back the feature that bears his name. Here's the Smart Play of the Night for February 22.

Play of the season?

Marcus Smart is one of the key pieces in the "Celtics Hustle" machine and this play may have exemplified what it's about better than any all season. Especially with how little it meant in a blowout.

Christmas in February for Jae Crowder

Crowder was shaking of the rust from All-Star break Friday morning in Utah when he got approached with the gift of his career.

Gorman's beautiful call of Bradley's game winner.

Every great play needs a great call to go along with it and remember it by. "AVERY BRADLEY WINS THE GAME," is how we'll all remember when the C's came back from the dead to beat the Cavaliers.

Celtics/76ers postponed thanks to Jonas

The winter storm, not Jerebko, will push the C's Saturday game back to Sunday night.

Brad Stevens reveals his All-Star voting method

According to coach he'll be voting on analytics and who scares him the most when it comes to game-plans.

Dirk tries to nicely laugh off Olynyk comparisons

In the wake of Tommy Heinsohn saying that Olynyk could be better than the Mavs legend, Nowitzki laughed off the comparison as respectfully as he could.

Watch: Kelly Olynyk pours 13 straight on the Suns.

Olynyk's drive of confidence in the 2nd quarter helped build a 16-2 run that put the Celtics up big for good.

The four steals to victory

Boston needed a big play down the stretch to finally end their losing streak. Instead, they got four.

Crowder's circus shot caps 10-point explosion

If you didn't realize he was on fire late in 2nd quarter, he reminded us all with this ridiculous fadeaway jumper.

Evan Turner hits Pau Gasol with the heads-up pass

The pass knocked Gasol off the defense and deflected right to Johnson for the easy bucket, and if you ask Turner he'll probably say it was all part of the plan.

Marcus Smart talks about the importance of mentors


Smart plays of the night

The C's greatest play-maker is back, shining with a pair of highlight plays and bringing the energy in Monday's win over Brooklyn.


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