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Jay Scrubb on signing with Boston, cracking the rotation, and more

Jay Scrubb shared his excitement on joining the Boston Celtics, and hopes for the upcoming season.

Must C’s: Jayson Tatum doin’ work in LA with Paul Pierce

It’s Workout Video Season.

Must C's: Payton Pritchard showing out with Team USA

Fast PP will get a chance to impress with the national team before joining the Celtics rotation in the fall.

Green vs. white

Isaiah Thomas vs. Marcus Smart. Kelly Olynyk vs. Al Horford. Brad Stevens vs. Brad Stevens?

Must C’s: Robert Williams doin’ work

The high-flying rim runner and protector is stretching out his game.

Green With Envy: Making sense of another loss

The Green With Envy podcast discuss the tough game five loss.

Must C’s: Jaylen Brown unmasked, Blake Griffin headbutted in blowout of Bucks

Last night’s monster win had EVERYTHING.

Must C’s: Jayson Tatum loves and trusts Marcus Smart

Jayson Tatum spoke with ESPN’s Doris Burke in a recent interview.

Must C’s: Marcus Smart & Be the Match

The Celtics guard continues to be a warrior on and off the court.

Must C’s: Robert Williams slams home first dunk of the year

Must C’s: Blake Griffin turns back the clock

Think of the Hornets as a KIA Optima.

Must C’s: Payton Pritchard caps highlight play against Nuggets

Multiple hustle plays ends with Fast PP steal and score.

Must C’s: IT back in the Bean

Marcus Smart’s foundation had a special guest.

Jayson Tatum goes In Depth with Graham Bensinger

The Celtics star spent three days with Bensinger discussing fatigue in the Finals, media criticism, family, and more.

Must C’s: Batman of Boston

Grant Williams returned from a one-game suspension in full costume.

Must C’s: Grant Williams’ new bag of tricks

Heading into what could be a contract year, the Celtics super sub has diversified his game.

Jayson Tatum’s basketball camp has everybody talking

Tatum spoke to the media on Saturday and addressed some of the recent speculation of the Celtics’ roster makeup.

Must C’s: Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown appear together in NBA 2K23 clip

The way it’s supposed to be.

Must C’s: Jayson Tatum on Brown-for-Durant rumors: “I love our team. I love the guys we got.”

The Celtics All-Star was dodgy, but was pretty clear about a reported trade for KD.

Must C’s: after game-winning show, Matt Ryan reflects on his basketball journey

From DoorDash driver to game-winning shot delivery.

Must C’s: Smart exits Game 3 with right ankle sprain, but quickly returns

Smart went down hard and rolled his ankle after leaping for a rebound early in the third quarter. Nevertheless, he subbed back in moments later.

Must C’s: Al Horford gets the last laugh over Giannis Antetokoumpo

The 36-year-old scripted the signature moment from Game 4.

Must C’s: Jayson Tatum assists Grant Williams for three X 3

Williams and Tatum lead the team with twelve points a piece.

Must C’s: Marcus Smart’s left hand hits dagger in Game 2 win

After passing up the game winner in Game 1, the Celtics point guard made a circus shot to close Game 2.

Must C’s: Gary Payton hands DPoY award to Marcus Smart

It’s the first time in 26 years that a guard has taken home the defensive honors.

Must C’s: Jayson Tatum game winner clinches Game 1 over Kyrie, Nets

We’ve got all your angles. VOLUME UP.

Must C’s: Nets’ Bruce Brown posts locker room material ahead of Game 1

The game before the game.

Must C’s: former Celtic Defensive Player of the Year campaigns for Marcus Smart

The Glove loves and trusts.

Must C’s: Robert Williams is your Tommy Award winner

Marcus Smart accepted the honor on Timelord’s behalf.

Weiss: Jayson Tatum not in MVP conversation... yet

Former CelticsBlogger and The Athletic’s Jared Weiss explained his reasoning on a recent episode of Celtics Beat on CLNS Media.

Washburn: Derrick White poor shooting is a cause for concern

Gary Washburn joined the A List Podcast to voice his concerns with newly-acquired Derrick White.

Must C’s: Jaylen Brown posterizes Maxi Kleber, daps up Kevin Garnett

Brown made Kleber regret jumping, then got the seal of approval from the man of the hour.


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