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Kings' PG Rajon Rondo gives his take on his old Celtics after 128-119 loss

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Rondo's back to his old ways on the court with Sacramento this season after the dysfunction of Dallas last year. Over a year removed from a Boston uniform, he didn't seem surprised by how far his former team has come.

It was a classic Celtics box score from Rondo in the loss to his former team: 14 points, 15 assists, five rebounds, and six steals. The C's buried his squad, who is now thinking once again about firing coach George Karl.

An even-keeled, not particularly emotional Rondo didn't seem surprised in the slightest by how overwhelming the Celtics have become as a team over a year after he was traded away.

They play well as a team. They may be 13, 14 guys deep. You never know who's going to get it going for them each night. You look at the box score and someone is leading them in scoring different every night. So they've been playing well as a team. Brad has these guys rolling, believing in the system and they're playing very unselfish.

A surging Isaiah Thomas, now Boston's first all-star since Rondo, has many C's fans forgetting all about their former guard even as he returns to form out west. Rondo talked about him as well:

Obviously he’s the All-Star on the team. I think they have a lot of glue guys to make a guy go. The plays he’s able to make out there, especially at his height, is hard. He’s been unstoppable this year.

Despite it not being nearly as emotional as the C's win, Rondo did seem to enjoy the trip back and according to him he still keeps in contact with some of his former teammates:

I sent Avery a text after the big shot he made the other day. My young guys Kelly, Jared. A lot of these guys are my rookies. So it’s good to see these guys playing well I wish them health and happiness and to continue to play and try to take the East.