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Green vs. White scrimmage

Isaiah Thomas vs. Marcus Smart. Kelly Olynyk vs. Al Horford. Brad Stevens vs. Brad Stevens?

It's History Week here at CelticsBlog, but today, let's predict the future. We're less than a week away from Media Day and the start of training camp, but with the official release of NBA 2K17 today, we can imagine what it might look like at Waltham in the coming days. I set up a CPU vs. CPU intersquad scrimmage on Twitch, but if any of you gamers want to set up another Green vs. White exhibition, post in the Comments Section with your own videos and gamertags and let's play!

These are the Pixel Celtics, but I love the versatility of that bench. Even in a 2K simulation, you can see how the Swiss Army knife bench of Kelly Olynyk, Tyler Zeller, Jonas Jerebko, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart could pose a problem to opposing teams...including Boston's own starters.

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